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Tentative Table of Contents

Tentative Table of Contents for TFTV2

Hope and Appleseeds.....Jocelyn Adams
The Seven.....Shannon Connor Winward
Daughter Of Plant and Woman.....Michael Andre-Driussi
Soul Of The Ocean.....Rachel Ayers
The Queen's Huntsmen.....Shiloh Carroll
Red Of The Riding Hood.....Tony Peak
Pru And The Gunslinger.....L.M. Magalas
Off To Grandmother's House.....Lawrence Vernon
Plain Sister Pretty.....Heather Whittington
His Melted Heart.....Sylvia Hiven
Apple Of My Eye.....P.L. Dugad
The Rise And Fall of Jack Hill, As Told By His Mother.....Arthur Bangs
The Stepmother's Tale.....Sally Anne Croft
Of Darkest Night.....Sarah Penney-Flynn
The Tower.....Jaidis Shaw
Song Of The Midshipmen.....Alison J. Littlewood
The Red Flower.....Justin A. Williams

***These are just the stories we've received contracts for. There may be changes before printing.***


Good News

Good news guys!

TFTV2 and GMR are back on. Thanks to Wicked East Press who decided to take a chance on me. http://www.wickedeastpress.com/home

 Happy writing. ;)

 Here are the new guidelines:

 Twisted Fairytales Volume 2

Edited by: Isabelle Rose and Jessica A. Weiss

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: March 31, 2011 Midnight (EST)


Imagine your favorite fairy tale and rewrite it in your favorite genre. Most all genres acceptable, as long as the story fits the anthology theme. This is a collection of stories to be enjoyed by everyone, please keep excessive cussing and sex out unless integral to your character. Mixed genres are acceptable as long as the story is well written and well plotted.

Slash and hack, blood and gore for their own sake. Graphic rape, torture, child molestation, and animal torture have their place, but not here. We prefer stories written in the third person—will consider first person if you knock our socks off.
Looking for short stories in the 3,500- 7,000 word range, but will consider stories from 2,500-10,000 words.

Payment is 1 contributor's copy upon publication.

Submissions will be accepted until March 31, 2011 Midnight (EST)
Tentative Release Date: May 2011

 Email submissions to: twistedV2@wickedeastpress.com

Please put SUBMISSION, followed by the title of the story, and word count, in the subject line of your email. Refer to website for formatting requirements and attach your submission in .rtf format. Submissions pasted in the body of email will be rejected, unread.

Questions about this anthology?

Email editor: jaweiss@wickedeastpress.com

Flash Fiction Online

Shannon Connor Winward is a poet and author of fiction for children and adults. Her current projects involve converting young minds to magical realism through childrens’ literature and pimping her novel about a female stalker haunted by her dead — and disapproving — father.

Shannon’s a sucker for ghost stories (obviously), fairy tale-tinged fiction, and pagan gods. She is also a devotee of open mic poetry, but insists on reading from the page; she’s afraid that if she looks you in the eye from the mic she will fall in love with you, and really. Who has time for that?

Shannon lives in Delaware with two kings and a cat named Wolf. Watch for more of her work in Isabelle Rose’s Twisted Fairy Tales:Volume Two and Greek Myths Revisited, or visit her at http://www.ladytairngire.livejournal.com .

Her story When She's Ready is featured on Flash Fiction Online.

Happy reading!


Bad News

I recieved news from Sonar 4 Publications... and due to some recent unforeseen events they won't be able to publish Twisted fairytales V2 or Greek Myths Revisited. I will continue to find another venue interested in this project, but in the meantime the books will not be published in February 2011 as promised. I am so sorry.


Well... the good news is that I've already accepted 5 stories to be included into the anthology. The bad news is I still have 5 more stories to accept and tons of submissions to go through. And on top of that I still have to read submissions for Greek Myths Revisited (I accepted 2 stories for that anthology). But even though things are moving slowly at least they're moving, you know what I mean? Anyway I'm really excited, some of the stories I'm reading are AMAZING and it's really hard to make a decision. So right now I have two folders, one titled YES and the other titled MAYBE. Sigh. Work, work, work.

And also reminding you all that the deadline is October 30th 2010 for both anthologies so you still have plenty of time. Can't wait to read your work.

Happy writing!

Cover for TFTV2

Art by Jerrod Brown


Interviews galore!

Hey Everyone:

Just wanted to let you all know that there are several interviews running around and I wanted to give you an excerpt and the links so you can go and check them out. Enjoy!


Today we have the opportunity to have Isabelle Rose in our midst. Good Morning Isabelle, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to FAR today. Please have a seat in our cozy chair while we share a glass of tea.

Isabelle, I love the Twisted Fairy Tale Anthology. I love the cover, too. Why don’t you tell the readers about this release?

Twisted Fairy Tale Anthology was an idea that was festering in my mind for years. What I wanted to do was put together an anthology of short stories in different genres. My main goal was to get the authors to have fun writing.

But here’s the official blurb for the book:

Isabelle Rose's Twisted Fairy Tale Anthology will include short stories and poems from some of today's newest and hottest authors, all based on classic Fairy Tales, but twisted beyond your imagination. This anthology includes poems and stories written by Isabelle Rose, Cassandra Lee, Jennifer L. Miller, Leigh Dragoon, Dave Rex, Charlotte Emma Gledson, John H. Howard, Jeff Ezell, Jessica Lynne Gardner, and Rachel Ayers

Where do you gather your inspiration to write your stories?

Sometimes from the most random places, but most often from my dreams. The latest novel I’m currently working on was inspired from a dream I had and the character just wouldn’t leave me alone. I had no choice but to pick up a pen and tell her story. So far I’m halfway done writing the first draft of the novel.

Can you tell us what the future looks like for Isabelle? Any works in progress, perhaps?

The future is chockfull of stories that are getting ready to be released. The Laurel, Naughty Fairy Tales and Bathory’s Kiss are all going to be released through eXcessica Publishing. And I’m really excited about this because Naughty Fairy Tales is going to be re-released (it was originally published in January 2007 through Stardust Press). Bathory’s Kiss is my first horror novel, it features werewolves, vampires and lesbians…three of my favorite things *wicked grin*.

Click here for more...

Interview at Romancing the Book

Interview at Ramsey's Reviews

Happy reading!


Isabelle Rose


Rich Layers on Etsy

This is fairy tale inspired jewelry designed by Rachel Ayers (who is also featured in Twisted Fairy Tale Anthology)

A few samples:

Rapunzel Necklace

Beauty and the Beast Necklace
Beauty and the Beast

Godseye Earrings

RichLayers on Etsy

Bitten by Books review for TFT


A general comment on the Twisted Fairy Tale Anthology (instead of pointing this out in every story in which it occurred, I’ll get it over with now): there were some definite editing issues in a few of the tales. They were simple things, like missing quote marks, words, improper type-setting, and incorrect forms like “touchy” instead of “touching”. These are not necessarily the author’s mistake, but I felt they should be mentioned so the reader can be prepared.

On to the review…

“The Three Little Kittens ‘A New Tail’” (3/5) – Cats and dogs have never gotten along, but in Cassandra Lee’s story, they are in an all-out war. The three Horner boys are left fatherless when the tomcat was killed by a vicious dog. To make ends meet, their mother became popular with any cat who would take her, but her wicked ways go too far when she pits species against species.

“Glass Slipper” (5/5) – The anthology starts off strong with this empowered tale of Cinderella and what she really wants: freedom. Who needs Prince Charming? Not this cinder girl! Isabelle Rose’s lyrical style is a beautiful mix of prose and poetry.

“Natalie’s Garden” (4/5) – Rapunzel leaves her tower for a mental institution in this tale, but the witch isn’t far behind. I was a little confused by the end, but that’s more because of the way my mind works and less the talent of the author, Jessica Lynne Gardner. This short kept me guessing and enthralled until the very end.

“Green” (5/5) – The poetic construct of this piece reminded of the tower in which the narrator’s daughter was trapped. Isabelle Rose told the story from Rapunzel’s mother’s point of view, allowing the reader to see how the girl found herself trapped in the tower and how the prince saved her.

Read the rest of the review here.